Preaching about David

I'm deep in the David story this summer. That means I am reading several books about King David. Here are the ones I am finding helpful:

Leap Over a Wall, Eugene Peterson
This is a lovely, easy book with a fresh look at a really old story.

The David Story: A Translation with Commentary of 1 and 2 Samuel, Robert Alter
Gorgeous translation. Delightful commentary.

First and Second Samuel, Interpretation Series, Walter Brueggemann
This is perhaps the most accessible culmination of all Brueggemann's thinking about David.

Theology of the Old Testament, Walter Brueggemann.
My first sermon in this series was a rather boring one covering The King as Mediator idea. It helped frame the series, but didn't preach too well.

David's Truth, Walter Brueggemann
Explores the different ways the community perceives the truth of David.

David and his Theologian: Literary, Social, and Theological Investigations of the Monarchy,
Walter Brueggemann.
Looks at how portions of the Hebrew Scripture reflect the David story (such as Genesis) and act as a companion to the David story.

And I found an archaeological paper I wrote in college about the archaeological evidence of the David story. There isn't actual evidence of David, but his travels and battles hold up. At least they did thirty years ago.

I love preaching a long series on a good story. But I always end up missing Jesus by the end of it. I'll probably move back to the Gospels in some fashion. But I am mindful of how this David story sets up our expectations of Jesus, and the language we use to talk about (sing about) him.