Advent photo-a-day, first week

Rethinkchurch is hosting an Advent photo-a-day event on twitter. There was one for Lent this last year but I had just discovered we were moving and couldn't focus (pun intended) enough to manage it. But my colleague at church has been encouraging people to try it, and I've managed the first week of Advent, so here they are. Check out #rethinkchurch #rethinkchristmas for other folks' renderings.

It is lovely to see how people interpret the same word in so many different ways, and also a great challenge to take a photo a day. Some days I take none; some days I take 200. I like getting up in the morning to ponder my word.

The first day was "go". I took a cell phone photo of a Go game. Need to figure out how to post it here.

Bound. The top book is Whittier's poetry, dated 1902, a gift from Ethel Olson down the street when I was nine.

Peace. An origami crane from a woman at church my very first week.

Time. A clock in Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012.

Flood. A flooded Root River in Lanesboro, MN, June 2013.

Awake. Theo.

Ready. Ready for worship.

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