Palimpsest: 2nd Sunday of Advent

A Signal to the Peoples

Isaiah 11:1-11


Seated majestically in the lantern, the Parisian-manufactured Second Order Fresnel lens was of "bi-valve" design, so called due to its resemblance to a mollusk shell. Consisting of two large panels made up of 7 refracting prisms and 13 reflecting prisms each, the entire assembly floated on a bed of liquid mercury to minimize rotational friction. A clockwork mechanism once every 20 seconds, providing the station’s planned characteristic of a single white flash every 10 seconds. The lens was illuminated by a 55-millimeter double tank incandescent oil vapor lamp, providing a remarkably bright light of 1,200,000 candlepower. By virtue of the tower’s location atop the cliff, the lens boasted an impressive 168-foot focal plane, and was visible for a distance of 22 miles in clear weather condition. -- www.terrypepper.com

When Fresnel first developed  his lens design in 1821, he relied upon metallic reflectors to capture and redirect light escaping above and below the lens panels. After his death in 1857, banks of reflecting glass prisms were substituted for the reflectors, because they absorbed less light and required less maintenance. Ultimately, a complete glass lens with central “drum” and upper and lower prisms transmitted 5/6 of the available lamp light, a considerable improvement over the 1/6 emission capability pre-1821 metallic reflector lights. As an additional improvement (along with greater visibility of the light as seen from the sea), the lamps constructed for these lenses consumed less fuel. --  Mabel A. Baiges, 1988, “Fresnel Orders”

At the close of chapter 5, God raised a signal for a nation far away to begin a work of judgment against the vineyard (5:26). Now the role of ensign is handed over to the root of Jesse. Rather than being assigned a task of judgment, the root of Jesse is to stand as an ensign of justice for the nations. -- Christopher R. Seitz, Interpretation: Isaiah 1-39

To survive you must return to your senses, touch taste smell sight sound. you must live as verbs not nouns, with each breath we inhale and exhale we inspire and expire, every breath has the possibility to cry or laugh a story or a song.  every conversation is an exchange of spirit, the words ride sweet or bitter over the tongue, remember that scars are monuments of battles survived.  When you're born into loss you grow from it, but when you experience a loss later in life you have to grow toward it. A slow move to an embrace, an embrace that leaves you holding tight.  The beauty wrapped in the grotesque,  an embrace that becomes a dance,  your new dance a dance home.  - Kevin Kling,  Scarecrow on Fire


· Have you ever seen a lighthouse light? How bright is it? Have you seen a lighthouse lens? What does it look like?
· How are you fashioned like a lens, to shine the light of Christ around you?
· How is our church fashioned like a lens, to shine the light of Christ around us?
· What stands as a signal of God’s presence and activity for you?

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