A palimpsest is
1: writing material (as a parchment or tablet) used one or more times 
2: something having unusually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface

I first read about palimpsests when I started preaching twenty-two years ago. The idea fascinated me - a multilayered document that could be read more than one way. Sounds like scripture to me. Like poetry. Like preaching.

For about sixteen years I have been putting together weekly readings and questions to go with my sermons (or Sunday's text if I am not preaching.) It helps me organize my thinking for preaching, it gives me a way to provide source material in a written form for my congregation, and it is a place to put a variety of texts together that are tangentially related to the sermon. I think of it as a way to read the sermon with more than one layer. So I call it my palimpsest, and I include it in the bulletin each week for my congregation.

I intend to start posting my weekly palimpsests here on the blog. I hope they poke your brain a little.

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Anonymous said...

Your first one on Thomas was very thought-provoking this morning. I hope you will continue them.