Frost in Albert Lea

March 2, 2013
Zane had a meeting in Le Center so Theo and I went to see my parents in Albert Lea. It gave me a chance to tell them more about my new appointment to Mankato, about an hour from where they live.  Then we went to bed and Theo remarked how dark it was, nighttime in the country. We were sharing a trundle bed - I on the upper portion and he on the lower.

At 3:30 in the morning he flung himself next to me and remarked that he couldn't sleep. So we cuddled awhile, then got up for cinnamon toast, and then rocked in a chair in the moonlight. Sometime after 4 we went back to bed and he finally went to sleep.

At 9 mom came in to wake me up. "I'm sorry," she said, " but it is just too beautiful outside. You have to get out your camera."

She was right. Theo slept until noon, I got this lovely snow-blue photo, and all is well.