After the Storm

Best image from today. I even caught the lightning on the horizon.
Big Bay State Park, Madeline Island

I'm ready to go home. It was a fabulous week - my head is full of photography. I've learned so much! Now I need to go back to Europe and take all those photos over again.

My Foot

My foot on a rock, stacked focus using Helicon Focus with about seven shots, slightly retouched in Photoshop (took the ankle strap mark off.) Big Bay State Park


Sunrise before the rain

Big Bay State Park, Madeline Island, Apostle Islands, Wisconsin


Disorientation: Madeline Island

There is a certain amount of disorientation that happens with any new venture. On our trip this summer, the disorientation happened in Paris. It took days to get my bearings. But when I did, they were different. A good journey means something changed. Most likely me.

This week I am on Madeline Island of the Apostle Islands at a MISA workshop taught by Craig Blacklock. Besides learning his perspective on digital nature photography (getting up at 5 every morning to catch the sunrise) it has been an intensive course on Photoshop. I've never used Photoshop and just got the program last week.

Disorientation.  There is so much to learn about the camera itself, and making a picture. I forgot to focus a few of them yesterday, I was so distracted. But then we jumped into Photoshop and I got lost and spent the rest of the day feeling about like I did in 8th grade math, which wasn't too good.

So last night, after pouting a bit, I downloaded a handbook. Then today, Craig went over it again (I was not the only person in the class feeling this way.) I moved to the front row and followed along step by step.

And made a few photos.

A black and white of sunrise at Big Bay State Park this morning.

Another view of the lake, just a few rocks.

Here is the big deal. It may not look like much, but I had to learn Helicon Focus and Photoshop layers to do this one. The flower is several layers of stacked focus, and in Photoshop I masked the flower out to put onto a blurred background (the actual background.) Whew. There is some sweat in that one.

Learning is such a disorienting feeling. And then you find yourself standing in a new spot.