Skogra Geyser, Not Geysir Geyser

We drove for hours to find Skogra. We followed our GPS to a spot in the middle of a resort area, and then asked for directions again. An impossibly beautiful blonde woman told us we were about ten miles away and explained where we were going. It was then we realized that, while we were trying to avoid "Geysir" on the map, that is where we were supposed to go. Geysir and Skogra geysers were about 100 feet apart, something the article Kelly read earlier didn't mention.

We found Skogra (passed a volcano, too; woke Theo up to see that). It is a satisfying geyser - it goes off every few minutes, smells like sulphur, and you can get up close.

Here is what it looks like the moment before it blasts. I love the colors of the water in this.

Theo consistently lists this geyser as his most favorite thing of the whole trip.

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