Independence Day and the Queen

I wanted to see St Mungo's museum of religious history today so I headed down to Cathedral street this morning. Streets were closed off, and yellow jacketed police were everywhere. I asked one what was up and he said "Queen is coming!"

I decided not to join the crowd downtown and continued toward the museum where I found a smaller crowd outside the Cathedral. I asked another policeman what was up and he said "Queen!"

So I climbed onto a monument and waited 20 minutes with my camera. After a procession of well dressed clergy she came out in a very pink suit and hat. She got in her waiting car, waved, and was driven away.

St Mungo's was closed but I didn't care. I did find an authentic blue police box on the corner.

Sunday we accidentally saw the Olympic torch. Serendipity on our little wander through Europe. I got a few decent shots which will be posted later.

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