Iceland Whales

So the next day in Iceland (June 13) we tossed around the idea of going to the hot springs, which everyone says one _must_ do, but the brochures looked very romantic and we weren't sure how the kids would like it. I said, "Too bad Zane has a cold. We could go whale watching." Zane looked up and said, "Let's do that!" So a quick call and drive downtown and we were on the boat. (This building on the bay looked like fish scales.)

I did have a minor panic attack when Kelly was parking the car while we were waiting to board the boat. What if he doesn't show up? I thought. But he did.

Zane parked himself at the prow of the boat and stayed there the whole trip. He got soaked, but clearly enjoyed it.

Here's a view to the north from the bay.

We had huge luck. We saw Minka whales, which the tour boat expected, but we also saw a humpback. The tour guides were thrilled because they are out of season. They (the tour guides) chattered at us over the loudspeaker for a few hours as we rushed from one side of the boat to the other to see the whales. My photos are a little disappointing, but the memories are good. It was a gorgeous afternoon.

And my boys were happy. 

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