Tinier transitions

I have moved 11 times in the last 25 years. I have had 5 appointments in 21 years of ministry. I get itchy after a few years.

So maybe it is good that, five years into this appointment, I get a transition without actually moving. I have a renewal leave. And because I will be traveling with my family for several weeks, the trustees decided to remodel the kitchen.

So I moved out of my office and put (some) of that stuff on my porch. The kitchen is in the living room. We are moving the living room into Kelly's office so it can be painted.

Boxes and disarray. Feels like moving.

And my congregation sort of said goodbye last week, and even though I am next door, I am not working for a short time. Sort of like that little window between one church and the next, without actually leaving.

So maybe I will trick that part of me that gets antsy and stay put for awhile.

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