Three Things

Every day after school I ask the boys to tell me three things about their day. I hope to do that each day of this trip. They did theirs in unison today (I think they are too tired to come up with more):

*they had fun wrestling each other all day (did I say they were tired?)
*they thought it was cool getting stinky geyser water sprayed on their face
*the volcano (Hekla) was cool

My three things:
*it was amazing to fly right on the line between night and day as it curves into the northern sky. It never got dark, yet I saw the sunrise (with Theo sleeping spread across my lap).
*I want to come back to Iceland. I haven't seen so much undeveloped space in forever. The landscape is stunning.
*even though our maps didn't have the street listed, our phones had no signal, and we speak no Icelandic, I got us within three blocks of our guesthouse this morning just by remembering the spatial relationship of the Reykjavik Peace Center to the Smarilind Mall.
(may I add a fourth? Pizza Hut is outrageously expensive here.)

Great day traveling. The boys were fantastic. Tomorrow we are hoping for puffins and hot springs. We'll see how lost we get.

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