Space and Time

It is a quieter week on the Epic Vacation. We stayed an extra day in Salisbury just because, and gave up the car and ate at the hotel and did laundry in the sink. (Towel warmers, a lovely invention, dry clothes quite nicely.) There was no internet in the rooms so we all hung out in the lobby drinking Starbucks and cocoa. Of course, after we turned in the car Kelly discovered that crop circles were popping up each day in Wiltshire, one in the same spot I had been photographing a few days earlier. Here is the photo I took Sunday afternoon. Then the link to what showed up in the field Tuesday morning.
Crop Circle Connector

Besides having the oldest cathedral in England, Wiltshire is a spooky place - standing stones, chalk horses, and more crop circles than anywhere in the world.

Then on to Cardiff. We are getting more comfortable with train travel, so much so that Theo asked why we don't ride trains all the time. We easily got to our apartment, which is as large as all the other places we have stayed put together. Theo said, upon arrival, "Not another apartment!" (we didn't like the one in Paris) but then, once he was inside, shouted his love for the space. Each boy immediately found their own room, spread out their stuff, and camped out. After lunch Zane closed his door, Theo took over the living room, Kelly took a  nap upstairs, and I went out for a walk to Central Cardiff. (Maybe we have been in tight quarters too long.)

We are right on the border of a nice neighborhood and the kind that boards up at 6 pm. Bute Park, along the river, is about three blocks east. From there you can walk downtown to the Millenium Stadium and Queen's Arcade. We saw a magpie in the park yesterday and surprised a local young woman with our delight about that. Of course, she was more delightful than the bird - her hair was kelly green and she had silver sparkles on her eyelashes. I didn't have the nerve to ask to photograph her.

So during the day we walk through the park to Central Cardiff and at night we stay in and watch the Eurocup games. Tomorrow is a big day, however: Zane and I will take the four hour Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sara Jane locations tour while Kelly and Theo explore Cardiff Castle, that is, if we find a place to stash our luggage (I think we have that covered.) Zane and I have been big Doctor fans these last few years, and Torchwood is actually situated in Cardiff, supposedly on a rift in space and time. I think the rift is actually in Wiltshire, England, but BBC doesn't have a studio there, so Cardiff is more convenient.

Then we take a train to Coventry, late at night, so we can visit that castle, which is complete with a fake dragon. We continue our meander to Glasgow where, on Thursday, we part ways. I will go to Iona for about a week and the boys are flying home with Kelly.

Space and time keep expanding and contracting on this trip as it seems long or short, as our space seems large or small, as the world seems huge or close, as history compacts or stretches on.

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