Skogra Geyser and Lake Pingvallavatn

We spent several hours in the late afternoon and evening yesterday looking for the Skogra Geyser, not the Geysir Geyser. We were working with online maps that recached as soon as we left our guesthouse, and paper maps that did not correspond with any of the names we had. Kelly knew that Geysir no longer blew, but Skogra did often. Little did we know they are about 100 feet apart. We finally asked one of the impossibly tall, beautiful blondes that populate this amazing island and got real directions to Skogra. Theo (who only slept a few hours on the plane) was sound asleep for most of this adventure but woke up to see the "stinky geyser" which blew every few minutes. Here you see it gurgling just as it got ready to blow. Also Lake Pingvallavatn, which we drove around for much of the afternoon. And Zane in his awesomeness. And me in front of an unfocused, fissure in the ground near the lake. (Everything is on a fault line here.)

I can't see my photos too well on this tiny netbook screen (I'm used to my Aperture program and a gigantic screen to process photos on.) So they might not be fabulous. But this is the untouched version of what I saw yesterday.


Autumn Nelson said...

The pictures look great! Glad to see the start of the adventure is going well!

pastorpam said...


We started our sabbatical four years ago in Iceland, and wow, I agree it's on the top of my "have to go back" list.

I hope you also enjoyed the wonderful thermal swimming pools there. They must be the best cure for jet lag ever invented.