3 things from the boys today:
Zane - ate his first chocolate croissant today; ate some great french bread; saved us at 5:30 am when we were lost looking for the car rental company to return the car

Theo - we saw a cathedral (Sacre de Cours); I saw the Eiffel Tower out the window; I got some candy

Me - this was a really hard travel day, pushing everyone to their limit (I started praying at one point -- "need some help here!! - and we do actually have a place to stay tonight, but I do hope Paris actually gets dark and I can sleep tonight...); I ate the best chocolate croissant I have ever had (why do we even eat them in the States? to remember, vaguely, what they are like here?); and, after all this, Paris is pretty cool. 

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Wendy said...

Your chocolate croissant comment makes me think of C.S. Lewis' idea of Shadowlands. The best of what's here is a shadow of what's to come, an intimation. Maybe we eat "shadow" chocolate croissants in the US.