Lovely London

Had a lovely day yesterday, just what I needed. I thought we should visit John Wesley's grave, located behind Wesley's Chapel on City Street. (I told Zane he would get some extra confirmation points.) We walked through the chapel, which was getting ready for a wedding, and out into the garden past several graves. Then we came upon John Wesley's grave and tears came to my eyes. That surprised me a bit. A grave over 200 years old tucked behind a chapel and near a modern building and carport moved me more than Chartes Cathedral Yet in the last 25 years I have become increasingly clear how important my Methodist theology and heritage are to me. Seeing his pulpit was also pretty amazing. I felt a little sacreligious but Kelly took a photo of me in it. I was impressed by the kneeling pad inside, obviously for prayer.

Then an hour on the pier while Kelly and Theo rode the London Eye. A successful day riding the underground, too.

After that we made our way to Sloane Square for dinner with Kathi and Steve Mahle, who are living here for awhile. Kathi has been an important mentor for me as a clergywoman and mother for many years, and to see her in the middle of this journey was a real gift. I left with a blessing for the rest of my journey and a reminder of what I am doing, traipsing about Europe for several weeks.

A few photos...

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