Bucket List Part 2

When we asked Zane what he most wanted to do in Europe, Kelly suggested we visit Sylvie and Thiery, whom we met in Bogota while we were all adopting our eldest sons. They live at the edge of Switzerland and we figured we could take the TGV train to see them while staying in Paris. Zane said yes, we should do this. So we found their address - thankfully they hadn't moved in 12 years - and wrote to them. We have very little French and they have very little English, just like in Bogota, but we planned a rendezvous.

Of course when we got here we realized how expensive it would be to ride the TGV so we rented a car (much travail involved) and left Paris late Friday night to drive to Dijon to sleep for a few hours before heading to Senarclens, Switzerland. They met us at the le Gare (train station) in Morgas. They look exactly the same, jumped out of the car and did the kiss on each cheek thing. Thiery told me we needed to do it trois times (3), not two. Their sons Clement, who is two months younger than Zane, and Justine, who is seven, kissed me also. Then we followed them to their home for an afternoon visit.

They live in this idyllic little village with a view of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva out the front window and an open porch, swimming pool, and cherry trees viewing the hay fields in the back. The boys had no language in common but a soccer ball and their iPods, yet that was plenty. They swam, played football, and discussed Angry Birds and Minecraft together for hours.

I have a French/English translation program on my iPad (thank you, Apple) so we worked our way through conversation pretty well. We talked about the boys, their second visit to Bogota for Justine, how everyone is doing. They asked where Theo came from and I said, "Surprise!" and their response was joyous. We shared our memories of Bogota, like when we thought we had all been exposed to meningitis, and Thiery was so calm, and when Thiery was held up at gunpoint, and Sylvie was not calm.

After awhile Thiery's father came and we sat under the cherry trees drinking sparkling water on the perfect day while Zane, the boys, and some neighbor kids played football in the hayfield and the rest of us looked through photos and a map of the whole world sharing where we had been.

We left around dinner time, but not before lots of photos, kisses, and looking each other up on facebook. On the drive back to Dijon Zane asked lots of questions about our time in Bogota.

We were exhausted but what a wonderful, delightful afternoon we had. It is amazing how a connection can happen when you don't share language, but we did share an extremely important experience and memories. The connection is more of heart than words and that is enough. Perhaps how adoption is a connection of heart instead of body, and that is enough.

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Catharine Larsen, MA, LP said...

Such a wonderful experience. I loved hearing about it.