Bucket List Part 1

When I asked Theo what he most wanted to do in our European vacation (or Epic Vacation, as he calls it) he said, without a pause, "See the Eiffel Tower." So we did.

Friday (after a long list of vacationing-in-a-foreign-country-where-you-don't-know-the-language crises to solve) we took bus 42 downtown to Tour Eiffel. Only Piliar Est was open (the east pillar) so the line was several hours long. It threatened rain, but mostly held off. Zane and Kelly stayed on the ground and talked to some, apparently, boring folks from North Carolina while Theo and I stood in line with people from all over the world to buy our tickets, go up the car to the second level, go up to the top, come down to the second level, and to use the WC (toilet) (separate lines and wait for each item.)

Theo was finished with lines by then so we walked down the stairs from the second level, which is really quite high. My calves still feel it. Theo, however, figured out how to ski down the little flat part on the edge of the stair while holding the railing. When men, struggling for breath as they climbed to the second level (the ticket is a few euros cheaper if you walk up to that level) would see him sliding down they would grin as if remembering when they were boys.

It was amazing to see all of Paris from that height. I was able to discern why our walk up MontMarte, with all our luggage, the day before, had been so hard -- it is a rather high hill. And unlike the Sears Tower, at the very top you are actually outside with a grid surrounding the level. The wind is ferocious!

So here are a few untouched photos from Tour Eiffel, as Theo now calls it (the French version.)

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