We rode the train from London to Salisbury today, not the same train the elegantly dressed hordes were riding this morning. Our crisis for today was Theo leaving his "rucksack" in the taxi. It has his little boy blanket, his games, and growing collection of stuffed creatures in it. The family portion of the trip is half over, but it is too soon for a little boy not to have his comforts! Zane directed us back to the train station, recognized the car, and the cabbie had it waiting for us. He said he would have driven it out to our hotel after his shift. I nearly cried.

Our hotel. Now, about that. We had a chance to stay in a guest house of a homeless shelter in Salisbury or a Holiday Inn dropped out by Stonehenge, complete with Starbucks and Pizza Hut. I asked the boys a few days ago which they would prefer. Guess where we are? The claim of free wifi is misleading, however.

Around 6:30 we decided to head up to Avebury, which is larger than stonehenge and free. I contained all my screams as Kelly drove the country roads on the wrong side in the crappy little Peugeot, and we arrived in Avebury in the rain. We stomped about awhile (amazing place!) and then escaped to the local pub for an amazing meal. The boys declined to try the spotted dick pudding but have been giggling for hours over it.

Some photos. There are three trees growing together covered with ribbons. This is just a few days after the solstice.

Tomorrow church at Salisbury cathedral and then Stonehenge.

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