Christmas Poem 2011

"And the Word became flesh and lived among us." John 1:14a

What word seeded the cell?

Which letter of God's alphabet

anchored the sequence of life?

Did the angel speak it or sing?

Did Mary hear the Word's whisper,

as it moved, sure-footed, into the world?

– Michelle M. Hargrave, 2011


I should be writing another sermon just now...

Kelly surprised me with flowers, always a brilliant move. What color!

And my amaryllis is blooming again.


Family stuff

Theo in his "Gentleman's Suit" in Albert Lea on Thanksgiving.

Three generations of Coyles sharing with Theo's class. Kelly is holding a Confederate flag and Theo is sporting a Confederate hat. (Those southern roots are showing.)

Zane playing in a flute trio at the 6th Grade Band Concert, very reluctantly in a tie. The 6th grade girls were giggly and waved to me before the performance, "Hi Zane's Mom!"

Both grandmas were in attendance. Now that mom is retired she can get to these events.