Post Holy Week Hangover

It's the day after Easter and I can hardly think straight. I don' t know why it should be so exhausting, but the buildup to Holy Week, the several days in a row of services, the glorious festivities of Easter wipe me out and now I'm needing to tend to all the tasks I put aside for Holy Week (by Thursday I wasn't answering phone calls if it wasn't about worship.)

But it was an amazing Holy Week. A few lovely moments:

*a quiet few minutes with the youth doodling their prayers on Wednesday

*setting up the candles for the Tenebrae service while the choir, brass, handbells and organ practiced Easter music

*washing a young boy's feet at the Foot Washing time before the Thursday dinner. Then washing an older man's feet. And having my feet washed, as gently as it is possible to wash someone's foot

*standing in back of the sanctuary after the Tenebrae service as everyone left in the low light, into a cold rain. It is always a particularly emotional service, the difficult story and the growing dark

*listening to my lay people at St. Alban's Good Friday service, singing "The Old Rugged Cross" with them, sharing in fellowship with our friends there

*walking miles and miles (about 15 over three days) memorizing the Gospel lesson and sorting out my sermon

*cuddling with my boys as we sang the hymns on Sunday morning

*feeling the energy of the packed second service with the light streaming in the window

But now Jesus has risen and I'm wiped out. And I have nothing brilliant to say about that.