Mom's Retirement Party

After 47 years of working in the lab at the hospital in Albert Lea, my mother retired.

Besides people from the hospital, family and friends came on a very snowy night to help her celebrate.

This poster was to emulate the many science projects Mom had helped students work on over the years.

Dad was quiet most of the night, but added at the end that "she never missed a day of work due to the weather" because he always got her there, no matter what (except for the day after the 1967 tornados, when the sheriff's office had to give her a ride.)

Mom even made a speech. Besides the amazing scope of change she had witnessed during her tenure at the hospital (she recalled the days when cigarette machines were in the lobby and the break rooms were full of ash trays) I was interested to hear her talk about the compromises she made to work full time, continue her education and raise three kids. My sister Vickie and I both reflected on what it was like to have a happily working mom for a role model, and how much we learned from her.

And now she is sewing like crazy, and visiting grandsons. Welcome to retirement, Mom!

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