First Day of School, Fourth Grade, Zane

Zane was up at 7 this morning, ready for school. He picked out his own clothes, did his hair, and was ready an hour before we had to leave. Plenty of time to do the traditional first-day-at-school photos.

Here is his "Top Chef" pose.

And a laugh with his little brother, who starts on Thursday.


Diane said...

What is written on his arm?

He's a Top Chef fan? My kind of kid!

Michelle said...

Zane has a zebra tattoo (temporary) of some sort there. Yes, he loves Top Chef. Knows all the chefs by name.

Becca said...

Aw, they're getting to be so grown up!

Cynthia said...

Zane is still the coolest kid on earth with whom I'm acquainted.

The photo of him and Theo is adorable.

Michelle said...

I should have said "Iron Chef." And I love the last picture because Zane is actually laughing with no pretense. He usually is so aware of the camera; I rarely get an authentic smile.