A Nice and Quiet Night for Theo

"Are there going to be any fire drills?" he asks me.
"No, not tonight."
"Any tornado drills?"
"What about thunderstorms?"
"No, there are no thunderstorms forecast for tonight."
"Will there be any sirens?"
"Only from the fire station down the street."
"They are going far away. I think there is a cat stuck in a tree."
"Are there any emergencies?"
"No, not tonight. I will be in the next room."
"Will it be a nice and quiet night?"


pastorpam said...

Hi Michelle

Our little guy has become religious about reading the weather pages, and last night, under a clear blue sky, said, "It might storm tonight!"

No way, we said. Look at this beautiful sky.

2 a.m.: "Honey, is that lightning? Are the car windows closed?"

"No, it's not going to rain."

2:30: "Will, it's raining."

Always listen to your 4 year-old weatherman

Michelle said...

Pam -- I was wrong about the weather last night, and in the middle of the night I was wondering if Theo was going to wake up and quiz me about it!