Transformed David

We still like stories where the young man wins against all the might and power of evil. I'm studying David and Goliath for Sunday's sermon. And this afternoon I went to Transformers 2 with my brother in law and sister in Albert Lea. (It was either that or The Proposal.) Yes, the movie was long, especially the last hour (it took longer for Sam to travel 2 miles in the movie that hour than it would me on foot in real time.) Yes, it is made for boys, by boys who must have grown up watching cartoons. (The cousins, in protest to us going without them, are watching the animated Transformers on the TV right now.) (Besides all the blowing up, I wouldn't want to explain all the references to boy anatomy in the movie should my children see it.)

But, the boy. The boy is victor against the greatest evil of ancient skies, with nothing but a sock full of hope and love.
And David, the boy, is victor against the giant, with a smooth stone and a slingshot and a heart full of faith.

Yup, the story still has a draw.

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