Play Ball

Zane had never been to a Twins Game at the Dome. So we went with the United Methodists yesterday. About 40 folks from Fairmount came, and I saw people from several churches there, including my third grade Sunday School teacher (Marcelle) and the parents of my friend Ian (Toby and Marge). The last time I went to a game was with Ian sixteen years ago.

Zane and I got our hotdogs, Cokes and Cracker Jacks and a scorecard and settled in. My Fairmount companions laughed at me trying to keep score. "Do you know how to do that?" I responded, "It's been a long time since I was at a game; I need to pay attention and this will help." So I got a lot of help with all the codes you need to keep track of everything.

Zane wanted to say hi to the Bishop but we didn't see her in the crowd so he asked me to text her and say hi. (Where does he get an idea like that?) So I did, and she invited us to join her for the 7th inning stretch singing on the jumbotron. Zane told all the children in earshot what we were doing so I had five children when we caught up with her. There were too many of us for the event, but as always she was gracious and had all the children gather around her for the singing.

While we were waiting to sing the Twins got what ended up being the winning run, and shortly after we returned to our seats the game ended with a few tense moments -- 2 White Sox on base and 2 outs, then the final fly was caught. On the way out the door Zane and some other boys experienced the huge rush of wind that happens when the Dome doors are opened. It appeared to be as much fun as the game.

Next year the outdoor stadium will be ready, so I may not be back to the large white pillow again. But now Zane can say he was there, and saw a game, and I imagine we will be seeing some more baseball in the future.

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