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We are at Vida Nueva UMC in Indianapolis, settling in. The bus is off to get groceries, and then we will have supper and bed. Tomorrow we make the switch from performing to working. We will be working with Helping Hands and Habitat for Humanity in a commuity north of here a ways.

There isn't enough space at the worksite for all of us so 1/3 of us will be having a lay-low/sighteeing day, rotating each of the next three days.

We have been behind schedule all day today, but everything has worked out well anyway. The Followers performed their show at a camp in Indiana today for over 100 campers. It was a good performance, even though everyone was tired and hungry and we had to load up in the pouring rain and then unhook the trailer and turn the bus around.

The youth have been in pretty good spirits no matter what has happened. They find amusement easily wherever we are. We are waiting on devotions and supper right now and everyone is pretty happily engaged. There are two card games going on right now and a bb game downstairs and several groups chatting in various corners. I think I'm crabbier than all of them -- I am tired. I'm hoping for closer to 8 hours of sleep tonight. (A girl can dream...)

Our day in Chicago went well. We got 27 youth on and off the el several times and didn't lose anyone. We divided into several groups (1 chaperone and a handful of youth) and each went our way around downtown. My group enjoyed stuffed pizza then wandered around State Street, Michigan Avenue, and Millenium Park. We say Ellen DeGeneres yesterday (I didn't have my camera out of my bag so I missed gtting her picture.)

After our adventures downtown we went to the Night Ministry in the Lakeview neighborhood and learned about homeless youth. Evidently the neighborhood is home to a lot of homeless youth, partly because it is welcoming to glbt youth. We walked around the neighborhood in small groups with a chaperone and made observations about how we might try to manage being homeless: where could we go to the bathroom, to sleep, where could we get food, what would we do all day. It was eye-opening. Then we rode the el back to the church and ended the night with a labyrinth walk (this after about 8 miles on foot) and devotions.

Each performance has gone well. Everything I have worried about has pretty much worked out. We were worried last week about the youth that were sick, wondering if we were going to have an epidemic of H1N1 on this trip. So far, no one is sick.

I'm too tired to say anything clever. Let me just say all is well, and I'll try to put up some pictures soon.

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