King David

This summer I decided to preach about King David. I don't think I've ever preached from these stories before. There are some difficulties (like God telling the kings to kill everyone in the countries they invade) but it is such a huge story in the Old Testament, they are interesting to explore.

Yesterday I preached about David's anointing, from 1 Samuel 16. In my sermon I mentioned Susan Boyle's first performance on "Britain's Got Talent". Here she is singing "I Dreamed a Dream." (The point was that appearances aren't always what matters. Susan Boyle showed the world that pretty well.)

I also watched Richard Gere's King David movie, which is surprisingly close to the scripture. It makes the difficulties of the text quite clear, like the commands to kill the women and children of opposing nations, and the prophet being the only one to ever speak for God. We would think that dangerous, now, that only one person could speak for God and no one, not even those designated as having the "heart of God," like David, could decide what God said. But I did like the last line, which is not biblical, when David says to Solomon, "Listen to your heart. That is where God speaks, and not always through the prophets."

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