Helmer Myre

Yesterday we went to Helmer Myre State Park in Albert Lea. Actually, it is now called Myre-Big Island because Minnesota has made the decision to rename all the state parks something less unique than some great citizen from decades ago. Helmer's great-niece is a member of my congregation and I called the park Helmer Myre for years so Helmer Myre it stays. (I still call Macy's, or whatever it is now, Dayton's.)

We walked, Kelly and boys and my mom and I, around the main trail. I argued with Kelly about it quite awhile, because, although I remember it being a reasonable trail, the map showed it was 10 miles long. I didn't even pack water bottles and it was close to supper time. "This isn't going to work," I told Kelly. He took me to the map and quietly pointed out the decimal in front of the mile markers. I'd been adding up 3 miles to an inch, instead of .3. Guess I'd better make that eye appointment.

Here are some jack in the pulpits. You are supposed to think about clergy, I guess, but I doubt that is really what comes to mind. They are rather dramatic.

The weather was more perfect than was possible, we didn't get lost or tired, and we didn't even get any ticks. Helmer Myre just off I-35. Check it out.


What happened

to all the coffeehouses in Uptown?

There are about 11 within a mile of here, in St. Paul, but we could not find one in Uptown, Minneapolis this evening. Has Uptown changed that much or has the canary of coffeehousing sung?