The Way of Light: Sermon Supplementals

I'm sorry -- I'll be preaching a little about photography again. It's the Gospel of John and "the light has come into the world" and there's hardly any better way to talk about light than photography! At least I have been paying much more attention to light since I have become so interested in taking pictures.

So here, again, is a photo that shows what light can do.

And then a few links for things I'll be talking about:

Frederick Buechner has written a lovely essay about wholeness here.

And I'll also mention the spiritual practice of Ignatius' Examen.


Chris said...

Frederick Buechner, how nice to see he is still writing. I used to really enjoy reading his fiction. I should pick him up again.

And light, I was thinking this morning what a good thing it is and how much I appreciate the increasing daylight hours. Photography provide an excellent vehicle for studying light. I also think good painters are able to effectively teach us about light. I think it's interesting that we sometimes place a higher value on light than dark, but shadows and darkness add dimension and depth to our understanding.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. I love the picture of Theo.