Thanks from the laptop

Two weeks ago I tried to go online and my lovely little HP laptop couldn't see the internet. Kelly did some research and discovered that my particular model of HP is prone to losing the wireless card because it runs so hot (some bios something). He contacted HP and they agreed to fix it, free of charge, and to send me a box to put it in.

Lovely. Except for the "send the laptop" part. The box came and I viewed it as a little casket for my work, my photos, my contacts, my writing...I panicked for a few days, then someone in the church heard (a couple of angels, really) and loaned me a laptop for the duration. So I spent a few days backing everything up, double, then sadly put mine in the box for FedEx to take away.

But working off a jump drive for a week was really okay. And after HP had my laptop for less than 24 hours they sent it back, and here it is, running cooler and definitely online.

So thank you, angels, for loaning me a laptop to use; thank you, Kelly, for figuring out what needed to happen; and thank you, HP, for doing the right thing and doing it quickly.

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Jeff said...

I'd say boxing that up was an act of faith that I would certainly struggle with! (BTW - I ran into the overheating problem and found that the cooling plates used when the laptop is at home or work (they aren't very portable) will prolong the life of the computer's guts.)
Oh, and welcome to facebook!