Scenes from Christmas 08

I walked from my mother-in-law's house to a friend's party this afternoon. The sunshine was splendid.

Grandma's decorations are always delightful to see.

Zane got to Legos piece he wanted (800 pieces, actually...)

The major crisis of the day was deciding which of Theo's toys we were going to put our limited (10) supply of AAA batteries in.

Here Theo is showing the WALL-E robot toy his globe, discussing where various things were.

In these dark nights light is so welcome. I opened the porch door in my fuzzy pink slippers and the timer went off at just that moment so I had to go out in the snow and redo the lighting so I could get this shot. I tracked a lot of snow into grandma's house, but I think she'll like the photo.

Merry Christmas!

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