Religious concerts for preschoolers

Theo has a Hannukah concert tonight. He goes to a Jewish community center for daycare, and has been diligently practicing the Dreidel Song, a Maccabbees song, and "O Hannukah".

Last night he was at preschool church choir and, as the director told me, demonstrated for everyone how "Away in the Manger" goes. She said he did quite well. I told her I've sung it to him for bedtime for about his whole life, so he should know it well. (It goes inbetween "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Sleep, my child.")

This morning over his requested buttered toast he told me, quite solemnly, about the songs for the Hannukah concert, which order they come in, and which ones have motions. "Then I'll sing 'Away in a Manger,'" he said.

"Oh no, honey," I jumped in. "Don't do that. That's for the other concert."

Perhaps I have some explaining to do with him!


Elizabeth said...

That's too cute ;)

Anonymous said...

How did the concert go--did Theo sing "Away in a Manger?" What a cute boy.

Re: your previous blog--you sing the very same songs I sang to my children. Now maybe I can sing them to our littlest 16 month old granddaughter.

Jeff said...

Hmmm ... it's probably a good thing there aren't Easter/Passover programs. A similar situation then could be really awkward.