Most nights I put the boys to bed. It is a lengthy process (Kelly takes about 7 minutes) with two story books (tonight was some of The Hobbit and When I Took the Moon for a Walk), three lullabies ("Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"," Away in the Manger", and "Sleep my Child") and then a round of prayers, all with the two boys jostling on some portion of Zane's bunk bed.

This afternoon I officiated at a memorial service for a 31 year old man. About 50 of us packed into a little chapel, sang an unusual selection of songs together, shared stories, and I prayed and offered a meditation. The man's mother sang one of the songs, a lullaby, the lullaby she sang him when he was a child. She was actually able to do it, hoarse voice and all, and it was lovely. And when she sang, "Bye bye," it was so dear, and so sad. Nothing breaks like a mother's heart.

I am tired tonight. But I sure didn't miss the boy's bedtime, and I paid a lot more attention to each of those lullabies this night.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for your generosity towards my mother and our family. Words can't explain how much you have helped us through this very hard time. With much gratitude and love....Helen Balmer

Michelle said...

Thank you, Helen. It was a honor to walk with you in a portion of this hard time.