Like the ends of my fingers

Last Friday I turned on my laptop and tried to go online and -- nothing. No signal. I checked all the switches and rebooted. Kelly got up and I handed it to him (he's my in-house techie.)

After some research he determined that my wireless card had melted, a common problem with my model HP. So, he told me, send it to them and they will fix it.

Lovely. Except the "send it to them" part. I felt a bit as if he'd asked me to cut the ends of my fingers off.

Well, not exactly. But I am terribly dependent on my computer. My music, my pictures, the Bible, my email work with my congregation, my documents, years of research, my pedometer linkup, my....well, you get the idea. And it's Christmas so I wanted to make CDs of pictures and music and do photography projects and all that.

It is taking me days to back everything up to my satisfaction. I usually keep it fairly well backed up, but this is an epic occasion. Luckily for me, someone in the congregation heard of my plight and has loaned me a laptop with MS Office and wireless, which, really, is the basic package I need to do what I do, which is move back and forth from home to office with my work. I'm feeling well cared for, really.

So in a few hours I will box up my HP and send it off. It isn't the right season for it, but I hope resurrection is in the works and I receive it again, better than ever, right before Christmas.

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