Good night, Wednesday

It's the end of a Wednesday night and I'm thinking about my day. Youth group didn't go so well, just sort of blah, and I haven't figured out how to really use the parents who are with me very well yet. I didn't get much done on my to-do list, although Kelly and I did go and get crickets, cat food, and dog food this morning, and there are several creatures in the house who are glad for that. Zane and I finished reading the Goosebumps book about the mermaid who didn't get sold to the zoo after all, and tomorrow we will start Beedle the Bard. Theo has a Hanukkah concert tomorrow night so I should wash a new shirt for him, and clean up the kitchen. We let Theo play in the snow in the front yard without adult supervision (if you don't count hovering from the windows in the porch here) for the first time and he is still alive so that is good. My sister called with news about the political mood in Detroit right in the middle of bedtime so we didn't get to talk much. There are hard feelings there about some senator from Alabama. I got friended by several folks at Facebook today and I remembered all of them eventually, but it is weird to have people from so many categories of my life in one cyber location and I'm not sure what to do with all the options yet. We had Covenant Discipleship group this afternoon and I had hardly anything to offer in any category (compassion, justice, worship, devotion) -- I usually have something good in one or two areas at least. (We did have some great laughs.) And I haven't hit 10,000 steps yet today.

Someone told me a quote today about how wanting to do things perfectly sometimes keeps us from getting them done. Seems like a good quote for today. But, in keeping with the mood here, I can't remember what it was.


Erin said...

In terms of Facebook, that's the catch. You can end up with lots of friends fast, and wonder then "where did they all come from?" Facebook is both good, and bad, for that! I think there was a This American Life, or something one time that talked about this.

It's great to have the ability to reconnect with people you really want to reconnect with. But I learned early that it's ok to ignore friend requests, but everyone is different! :)

Barbara said...

Here ya go.....


Jerad said...

Is it weirder that you heard from friends from 20 years ago on facebook, or that I found your blog through a link on Wesley Report?

The quote is right on re: perfectionism. I've been surprised to learn of the lasting impact on people of a remark or action that I felt had came from an exhausted, sloppy place. So youth group was lame--Some 15-year-old is still really glad she has an adult like you to talk to if she needs it.