So I finally joined Facebook. It is so much less linear than the blogging world I'm a bit dizzy. I created a bare profile last night and already have been "friended" by people I haven't seen in 15 or 20 years. My younger colleagues tell me this is an essential tool and that I'm not too old to use it. Hope they're right!


Rouxhauser said...

Two things I've discovered about Facebook:
a) it's a little creepy how many people can find me
b) it is a giant time suck
Have fun!

David said...

My teenage daughter told me she thought it might be a bit strange to have her dad on Facebook, so I have resisted thus far. My time is probably coming.


Pastor Justin said...

Next up is teaching you Michelle the ways of "Twitter"...something even many of my fellow young clergy don't use yet.....you could be really cutting edge.

Chris said...

Hi Michelle,
I don't have a Facebook account because I don't want to make a kids uncomfortable, but I am happy to have stumbled on your blog and glad you're back in town.
Chris H