Sewing a Weighted Blanket

Our best guess is that Theo has some sort of sensory integration disorder. His Occupational Therapist, as well as Raising a Sensory Smart Child, the best book I've found so far, says a weighted blanket can be helpful for bedtime. Evidently the weight gives the child an appropriate amount of sensory input from the pressure on the skin. Theo does not go easily into the land of Nod so I finally got around to making his blanket.

I had him choose a piece of fabric and bought a piece about 36" x 10 feet. I washed it then doubled it over and sewed seams on the two sides so I had a large rectangular pocket. Then I sewed seams down the length of it to make 4 long internal pockets. I took 20 quart size baggies (Kelly's idea) and filled each with one cup of black beans. I put one baggie of beans in each of the four long pockets, sewed a seam at about 11 inches, and repeated until I had 20 sewn pockets filled with beans. A double seam at the top finished it off.

I put it on him tonight and told him Emily, his OT, said he would find it cozy. He's a bit distracted by the beans, and wondering how they got in the blanket, but he did seem to settle in. I don't know how much it will help but I'm willing to try most anything to help him. Much of the OT he is doing this year is really helping him focus and settle in to ordinary tasks.

And now if we ever run out of food we can cook Theo's blanket.

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DogBlogger said...

Very interesting to learn about this idea. And to hear about how you made it.

(Your last line is a great kicker, too...made me chuckle.)